About Ava

I left tech to become an artist. After years spent in the city, working late into the night in front of a computer screen, I discovered my artistic talent with the help of a friend.

During my darkest hours of exhaustion brought about from overwork, art became both an anchor to ground me and a guiding light to a new life.

These days I spend my time working with traditional materials—paper, ink, and paint. I rarely touch a computer anymore, as working with my hands is far more fulfilling.

My art is also a way for me to reach for my ancestral roots in Vietnam—my style is inspired by the art I grew up with in “China town" districts.

After many years afloat in the software industry, the art I make is like coming in from a storm, to a comforting light in a warm room. With a hot cup of tea at my side, and my brush at the ready, I am home.