Artistic Statement

Ava's main works currently combine watercolors, ink, and colored pencils. Vivid colors reinforce bold compositions, strokes unabashedly rendering scenes and subjects--developing from Ava's intial art explorations in crisp, monochrome ink.

Ava's style combines aspects of Expressionism with Chinese art remembered fondly from childhood, as well as traditional Vietnamese art from their research into reclaiming their heritage.

The themes Ava explores derive from nature, focusing on portraying the delicate balance of relationships in nature's web: between plants and animals, the environment and organic life, predators and prey, parasitism and symbiosis. These themes also include portraying how humans relate to nature in sustainable, rather than damaging, ways.

About Ava


I left tech to become an artist. After years spent in the city, working late into the night in front of a computer screen, I discovered my artistic talent with the help of a friend.

During my darkest hours of exhaustion brought about from overwork, art became both an anchor to ground me and a guiding light to a new life.

These days I spend my time working with traditional materials—paper, ink, and paint. I rarely touch a computer anymore, as working with my hands is far more fulfilling.

My art is also a way for me to reach for my ancestral roots in Vietnam—my style is inspired by the art I grew up with in “China town" districts.

After many years afloat in the software industry, the art I make is like coming in from a storm, to a comforting light in a warm room. With a hot cup of tea at my side, and my brush at the ready, I am home.